Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paul Eisen: Happy Chanukah - What's not to like?

Paul Eisen: Happy Chanukah - What's not to like?
 Paul Eisen: Happy Chanukah - What's not to like?

What's not to like, Paul?
See below.

When I see a menorah I think of the huge menorah on public land near the White House.
No Christian symbols are allowed on public land but a menorah is.
That shows you who is in control around here.*
A Christmas Tree dates back long before the Christian era. It is a symbol
of people finding life in the frozen forest and seeing it as a symbol
of the sun rising again from its Winter Solstice nadir.

The Christmas tree is not a religious symbol, but thanks for letting
us have at least something. (For how long?)

The Menorah is a religious symbol, a commemoration of an alleged miracle,
tied to a commemoration of a bloody victory of Jews over a foe,
as (all?) Jewish holidays are. Happy Purim, y'all!

The Chabad couple seem like nice people, you say.
I thought that organization is a Jewish Supremacist group,
not real friendly to us Gentiles.

That is what's not to like, Paul.

*Voltaire said (I'm paraphrasing): To discover who rules over you,
simply discover who you cannot criticize.

Zan Overall, The Wise Old Man from youtube.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paul Eisen: High Holy Days

Paul Eisen: High Holy Days

Could they wait till Purim? 

Israel is not going to invade Syria.
They have the shabbes goy Americans to do the dirty work for them.
I've heard a million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.
How many Americans go on the scale to equal a Jewish fingernail?

We Americans are the perfect mercenaries.
If we were the usual type of mercenaries, Israel would have to pay us.
We pay Israel, do the dying and pick up the tab (and the Karma) for the wars.

I would love to hear Israeli leaders in private social moments
busting a gut laughing at us.

There is one good thing about these wonderful things we do for Israel:
No one can call us "anti-semitic."

They can call us "big dumb schmucks."

-Zan Overall, The Wise Old Man.